Upper arm lift

Due to the loss of skin’s elasticity and the relaxation of the muscle tissue in the area of the rear arm, as well as in the inner area towards the armpits – changes can be noticed in these areas of the body over time. By removing excess skin and through the process of liposuction, volume reduction can be achieved. Removal of the skin is necessary in order to avoid the wrinkling effect of the skin after liposuction was performed, simultaneously having a tightening effect of the skin in the treated area.

Usually, the incision is in the area of the upper arm near the armpit, in an oval shape, so that the skin of the upper arm can be tightened and streamlined.
If the whole arm’s volume is to be reduced, very often a further incision is made from the inner part of the arm stemming from the armpit downwards to behind the elbow. This is done so that the desired streamline is achieved.


Duration of surgery:   1-1 1/2 hours
Anasthesia:   General
Hospital stay:   Ambulantory or 1 day
Time needed to return to daily routine:   after 2-7 days
Price:   depending on complexity