In comparison to the other treatments and procedures discussed, vaginoplasy has been a procedure that has been considered unacceptable by many or have been perforemed secretly. However, more and more women are turning to this procedure, which deals with external aethetic procedure of the women’s genitalia. The frequency in which women deal with this area is more popular than ever before, as in the past anything below the navel was treated as taboo. Hence today, we see special attention paid to this area through shaving, waxing, or even piercing, etc.

We offer various types of vaginoplastic procedures. Some include discrete liposuction in cases of a thicker pubic mound area, which achieves a flattening and contouring effect. In other cases, a very flat and sunken pubic area (especially after extreme weight loss) can be relifted with ones own body fat, obtaining a more parallel and youthful image in this region of the body.
Another procedure involves the vaginal lips (labia), as some women have uneven sizes, some too large and some too small. This procedure seems to be the most popular and has become a topic of discussion among women, as some feel uncofortable during intimacy. This procedure can be easily performed and resizing is usually done without any complications.

Another new method that is being used today is the G-spot method – a method which helps women increase their sexual sensitivity in the area. A local anasthetic is injected, together with a high molecular hyaluronic acid. This is the same substance that is used for treating facial wrinkles and is also sometimes used for a limited breast augmentation. This procedure was first used as a local anasthetic procedure by Dr. Gräfenberg in the 1950s.

All of these procedures can be performed as an outpatient procedure and require a short period of post-operative protection. These and more can all be discussed further during consultation with our doctors.