— Botulinum-Toxin

In the USA, as well as throughout Europe, one of the most widespread and most popular treatments within the field of aesthetic surgery for wrinkles is Botulinum-Toxin (BTX) – also known as Botox. This is a protein based compound which name stems from “Clostridium botulinum“, the name of the bacteria which is the base for this protein. This substance, once injected, blocks the connecting receptors between the nerve and muscle for a limited period of time, preventing the muscle to move.

Botulinum-Toxin (BTX) was first used in medicial tretments for neuromuscular discorders in the 1980s (for example, to reduce convulsions of the eyes or injected into the oblique muscles in the neck). In the 90’s, botox was introduced as a treatment for cosmetic procedures.

Botulinum-Toxin (BTX) is used today for the treatment of facial wrinkles, especially in the upper facial area such as the forehead/eyebrow area and the area of the nasal bridge. Other mimick-related facial wrinkles are also treated with Botulinum-Toxin , such as droopy mouthm chin area and crows-feet. The principle is that the weakened muscle can no longer contract, thus no longer setting the skin fold, therefore resulting in the wrinkle’s dissapearance. If the wrinkle is too deep, then a “Filler” can be injected in order to bring certin volume into the fold.
The application of the Botulinum-Toxin (BTX) is done by injection with a very thin needle. It is injected into the muscle, weakening ist activity. The muscle is immediately affected, but it continues to have further influence on the muscle for the next 72 hours. The final result lasts for three to six moneths , after which a new application is required. There are no serious side effects, as long as it is applied correctly and you follow the guidelines explained to you by your doctor.


Duration of treatment: 10 min. performed in doctor’s office.
Anasthesia: None necessary
Time needed to return to daily routine: Immediately
Price: depending on the amount needed