Breast Reduction

Large breasts can often create a psychological burden for a woman, but also a physical burden: often representing an obstacle to leisure activities, sports, dress selection, as well as life-long tension and pain in the upper back and neck muscles.

A corrective surgery can help in such cases in order to improve the appearance, as well as to recover any loss of self-esteem. In order to decrease the size of the breasts, the breast tissue and excess skin must be removed from the area.

The incision depends on the technique chosen by the surgeon, the breast size, the existing volume of the breast, the width of the base of the breast and the patient’s skin elasticity. The incision usually runs around the nipple area and vertically downward towards the lower breast fold. For larger breast removal, there is a cross-flow incision in the lower breast fold, where additional tissue and skin is removed. In these cases, one should not try to choose other surgeries which result in less scarring, since they will not result in the most optimal breast shaping and form.

It is often better to consider a well-formed proportioned breast with a bit wider scar, than otherwise. After all, scars will fade in a few months and a small thin line will remain. Either way, the surgeon will try to make the most unobtrusive incision possible so that the scar will be thin and will heal in a way that one can wear one day an itsy-bitsy bikini without anyone noticing the scars.

The rules of conduct are the same as for a breast lift or breast augmentation.


Duration of surgery: 2 hours (depending on the technique)
Anasthesia: General
Hospital stay: 1 day
Time needed to return to daily routine: after 3-8 days
Price: depending on complexity