Lip Surgery

By injecting biodegradable materials, lips can be contoured, as well as plumped up for more volume. These results can also be achieved by injecting or placing permanent substances into the lip area.

When biodegradable materials are injected into this area, which is constantly moving throughout the process of eating, talking, drinking, kissing, etc., it is only a matter of time before the material gets reabsorbed into the body, and new injections must be made. We use only high molecular weight material found in hyaluronic acid, which has the longest lifespan – anywhere between four to ten months. The volume increase is immediately seen, and due to the injection into the tissue, swelling will be present in the first two to three days after procedure. Afterwards, one can see the true results of the procedure.

Due to the simplicity of the application, these substances are well suited for those that wish to try and see what kind of results and expectations one has.
Another version of plumping the lips is through fat injections. Here, fatty tissues are taken from other parts of the body (the buttocks, hips, etc.) and are re-injected into the lips. This results in a more permanent treatment, but in order for the fatty cells to settle and attach themselves into the new area, a repetition of such procedure must be done two to three times

One can also have a combination treatment, where a permanent volume increase is done with the Gore-Tex thread, and an injection of hyaluronic acid into the lip contour treats the wrinkles around the lips.

Duration:     30-60 min. outpatient.
Anasthesia:     Local or short sedation
Time needed to return to work:     Immediately or the next day
Price:     Depending on which materials used

Each individual should have a personal consulting meeting with the doctor, which takes into account the ideas and expectations of the patient, as well as the clear description and understanding of what is medically feasible, what are the risks and what are the recovering expectations.