Tummy Tuck

This procedure includes the surgical tightening of the abdominal wall, along with the removal of excess over-stretched skin, and in some cases, removal of fatty tissue.

The basic principle is that the extra skin is separated from the muscular tissue in the abdominal area, removed through an incision in the bikini area above the pubic hair line.
The middle part of the stomach muscles (Rectus diastase) often have a gap due to various reasons, most often found in women after pregnancy. These muscles are reconnected, the excess skin is removed from the abdominal wall and is then closed on a multi-layered base, ending with the closure of the incision in the area of the pubic hair.

If the procedure is small, the navel remains in place. However, if the procedure is more complicated, two incisions are made in this area, including around the navel. There are cases when liposuction must also be performed in the area of the waist and upper abdominal area before removing excess skin. In order to have the abdominal area look natural, the navel is then relocated by making a new incision in the skin.

In any case, the incisions are done in such a way that the scar in the pubic hair is pretty much invisible, as well as the area of the navel, by using the modern navel-surgery techniques. This procedure is very efficient and is very good for patients who have lost a significant amount of weight and wish to keep it down. In any case, the cut, adapted to modern fashion, is deep enough that it can be concealed in underwear and swimwear.

The patient must wear a compression corset for at least 3 to 6 weeks in order to provide a physical support needed for healing. This also supports the reconnection of the skin to the muscle tissue. Afterwards, a check of the incisions and maintenance of the treated area is performed in the doctor’s office.

Duration of surgery:   2-3 hours
Anasthesia:   General
Hospital stay:   2-4 days
Return to daily routine:   after 7-20 days
Price:   depending on complexity