Dr. Peter L. Dietz is the Medical Director of the Institute.

Dr. Peter Leonard DIETZ, is the second son born in a family of architects in Saarbrücken, Germany. Growing up in such family, Dr. Dietz was exposed from early on to aesthetics and balanced proportions. In his early years as a student he began showing his talent and manifested his desire for aesthetic surgery. His experiences span over the last thirty years, during which he also worked in-depth with various specialists in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology, as well as with specialists in cosmetic surgery operations. One of the famous doctors he worked with, as an Assistant, was Prof. Granitzka in Frankenthal, one of the most famous breast surgeons in Germany, at that time.
Dr. Dietz’s hobbies are painting, sculpting (some of his artwork is permanently exhibited in his practice) and golfing.



Dr. Dietz attended and operated at numerous training courses and study visits with the most famous plastic surgeons, such as Dr. Pierre Fournier, Paris; Dr. Antony Erian, Cambridge and London; Dr. Giorgio Fisher, Rome; Dr. Parvis Ansari, Düsseldorf; Dr. Kamel Cherif-Zahar, Paris and others; as well as regular attendances at congresses and training visits, allowing him to learn and keep up with the latest techniques in the aesthetic and surgical field.

Dr. Dietz is a member of several nationally and internationally recognized professional medical societies, such as the GÄCD (Society of Aesthetic Surgery in Germany), the German society for Senology, EACS (European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery), AACS (American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery) and the DGAAM (German Society for Anti-Aging Medicine),  SSME (Société suisse de médecine ésthetique). These memberships not only represent his credibility and legitimacy, but they also offer him access to the continuous knowledge and latest developments that take place in this cutting edge of science and medicine.

Dr. Dietz provides an open and informative discussion during the patient’s first visit and is ready to answer all questions needed and desired by the patient. Dr. Dietz believes that this is the basis for building a good and trustworthy relationship between the doctor and the patient. During these first visits, ideas, wishes and expectations will be discussed and explained in ways that will lead to realistic expectations on what is “doable“ and what might be possibly unrealistic.



During the second interview, once the patient had enough time to think and consider the ideas and information given, the more detailed stages of the procedures, the risks and the possible side effects, along with potential complications, will be explained and the expected results and the duration of the healing process will be defined.
Dr. Dietz emphasizes great importance on the patient’s environment of comfort before, during and after surgery. If there are any questions open or any fears exists, he takes his time and is available to answer them and put the fears to rest.

Ultimately, Dr. Dietz believes that the patient should feel comfortable and confident from the beginning to the end, knowing that the desired results will be seen afterwards and the impressions will last forever. Dr. Dietz provides the best possible professional level as a consultant, as a surgeon and as a doctor.