MEDICINE&BEAUTY facial creams have been meticulously developed over the last 20 years, continuously improved through feedbacks and experiments, further research and development.
An aesthetic surgeon, a dermatologist and a pharmacist have tirelessly worked together to develop this exclusive facial care line that combines the premium quality ingredients and components, in order to improve the elasticity, moisture content and vitality of ones skin. These creams are painstakingly concocted and contain deliberately selected and composed ingredients. The high grade glass containers keep the emulsions in their original texture and stable composition, and protect against environmental influences and possible unwanted chemical reactions.


The Power of Frangipani. All ingredients in our creams contribute to pausing the skin’s aging processes, protecting from free radicals, at the same time moisturizing, invigorating, calming and regenerating the skin.


Each product includes a special element – a pleasant Frangipani fragrance. This comes from the Frangipani oil, which is the most important essential component of the creams’ composition. Frangipani oil is known to have pronounced antibacterial and anti-aging effects, resulting in soothing and protecting the skin.


All our products are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and are not tested on animals.