The Institute for MEDICINE&BEAUTY, under the supervision of its founder Dr. Peter Dietz, has been performing aesthetic and anti-aging procedures for 32 years. Its philosophy and its key to success has been to always handle patients with utmost care, understand their needs and desires. But it does not stop there. The aftercare and follow ups have been one of the crucial efforts by Dr. Dietz and his team.

Together with a dermatologist and a pharmacist, Dr. Dietz has been developing and prescribing facial care creams for patients after peelings, facelifts, eyelifts and other facial treatments. With plenty of feedback from his patients over the years, these creams have developed a cult following, not only for after treatment care, but also for continuous beauty care. After being encouraged on numerous occasions by many, he has finally decided to make these creams available for the public.
The creams contain high concentrations of high-quality care substances with outstanding properties. Currently three products are offered: Shield Remedy Day Cream, Face Snuggle Night Cream and Perfect Payback Eye Cream.

Although there have been no indications of allergic reactions after so far, every single product should be tested before use on a small area of ones skin. The creams are recommended for women, as well as men, from about 30 years on.
A special serum and a vitamin concentrate are in development and will soon be available on the market. We will be glad to inform you when this happens.
Our products are a result of long time research and has been used by our patients for many years. Their response is always positive and the results of continual use shows the efficiency of our creams. We hope that you will find these creams as wonderful as our patients do and we look forward to your comments. If you have any questions or problems do not hesitate to contact us. You can always reach us at any time via e-mail.