Once you have chosen your surgeon, you should have an open and communicative contact with your doctor:

  • All your questions should be answered.
  • You should be fully informed on all the stages of the planned procedures.
  • You should have a realistic understanding of what kind of results can be expected.



What you should discuss:

  • Which problem areas should be handled.
  • Is aesthetic surgery the solution to fulfill your desires?
  • Which methods of treatment are the best for you and are recommended in your case.
  • What are the details of the procedure, what kind of scars are to be expected, what type of complications are expected, what type of anasthesia is the best in your case and whether an anasthesiologist will be present suring surgery?
  • What can you and should you do after surgery, including restrictions, such as absence leave from work, etc.?
  • What are the risks during and after surgery, what kind of complications can occur?
  • How long does the result of the surgery last?
  • What are the costs for the surgery itself, the anasthesiology, the pre and after care and the healing process of the wound(s)?

In any case, a total of all should be given to you.