— Chemial peeling

To achieve a refreshing and glowing skin effect, there are various kinds of peelings which have the primary function to remove the top dead layer of the skin, resulting in the appearance of the fresher and more vital layer.

This stimulates not only the complexion, but it also increases the skin’s well-being and encourages “skin breathing”. Beauticians can already achieve significant effects with the substances approved for them; however, a profound and long-lasting success is accomplished when a doctor uses special reserved-aggressive peelings that reach significantly deeper into the skin layer.
These types of peelings can enhance one’s skin tone, as well as remove skin pigment disorders, age spots and wrinkle reduction. In this case, the respective substance must be chosen, depending on the skin, its problem areas and the depth of the wrinkles.

Professional peelings can range from so-called fruit acid peelings – which result in a discrete refreshing the skin; to deep phenol peelings – which result in a large-scale wrinkle and pigment-interference removal. The effect is profound, but the healing process takes longer.

In either case, the skin must not be exposed to direct sunlight and it must be protected with a high factor sunscreen protection.

Duration of treatment: 1 hour – outpatient handling.
Anasthesia: Local anasthesia evtl. short sedation
Time needed to return to daily routine: after 3-15 days (depending on the depth of the peeling process)
Price: Depending on the intensity of the treatment