Aesthetic surgery is part of all these traditional faculties, but enclosed within yet another independent field of medicine and cosmetic surgery.

The surgeon in this field conducts rigorous special training, study visits, hospitations, partaking in Congesses, literature studies and new operational methods studies, in addition to the traditional surgical training.

You should always be aware of the appearance of the surgeon you are visiting, the appearance of his/her environment, and the place where the surgery will take place. Menander (342 BC-290 BC), an ancient Greek dramatist, once said: “The best thing in life is to have the understanding of what is beautiful.“ Only those that have the feel for aesthetics and are moving in such environments can implement such experiences into results in regards to surgery. It is the feel for harmony and function by the surgeon, which is the important prerequisite when seeking a surgeon.

Ultimately, the experience and qualifications of the surgeon, as well as his sculptural imagination – are all keys to recognizing a successful surgeon. It is the surgeon’s knowledge of anatomy and surgical techniques, along with his understanding of what the patient wants, combined with the sensitivity of the spatial aesthetic sensibility and attention to detail, which are keys to final good results.