We offer Infusion Therapy which is tailored to the individual patient`s needs.
Every person experiences life situations in which their performance, their immune system or their psychological stability are impaired. This can be triggered by stress, work overload, private conflicts, menopause, illnesses or seasonal fluctuations (especially during the spring or autumn months) which often negatively efect one`s immune system.

In a close cooperation with a specialized pharmacist, we create highly concentrated infusion solutions, which are explicitly put together for you. These are usually administered 2-5 times a week. They contain the most important vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids, in order to complete the missing elements usually stored in your body, thus providing your body the support needed for a healthy metabolism and strengthening your immune system. By administering medications through the use of IVs, one can achieve a direct and rapid stimulation effect via the circulatory system, which one cannot otherwise get through an oral treatment (through pills).

After a detailed consultation with Dr. Dietz, a targeted IV therapy concept will be created for your needs and the process and administration will be expained to you in detail.