Thighs toning

Just as the upper arm toning and streamlining can be surgically accomplished, so can the thigh toning. The incision is made in the upper inner groin area and with a vertical diagonal cut downwards towards the area above the knee, the upper skin structure is corrected (“hung up“), resulting in a permanently tightening effect of the deep connective tissue of the thighs.

The patient must be aware that the scars in this area might be more noticeable due to the fact that this area of the body is exposed to more pronounces movements, quite contrary to the scars that are left behind an eye lifting or facelift. Therefore, such skin removal procedures should only be used in cases of extreme cases of hanging skin, since liposuction alone will not be the answer.
This area should be highly protected for the best results and not exposed to stress during the healing process.


Duration of surgery:   1-3 hours
Anasthesia:   General
Hospital stay:   1-2 days
Time needed to return to daily routine:   after 2-7 days
Price:   depending on complexity