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Your optimal care is very important to us. Therefore, we have set ourselves high medical and aesthetic goals by offering the consultations that meet your goals and needs, which will allow you to decide which procedure is the best for you, if any.







We offer the latest findings and knowledge based on internation al research and interdisciplinary exchange through the competence of a specialist.
During the surgery itself, a professionally trained and friendly staff will assist you in your pre and post-operative procedure. Experienced anesthesiologists and highly qualified specialists perform the surgeries, with the latest medical instruments and supplies available.

Our philosophy focuses on the whole process, starting from the consulting period, through the process of surgery, to the post-op period, guaranteeing an individual, distinctive, sensible and sensitive focus on each patient as a unique case. Each patient is counselled with care in order to better understand one’s expectations and the individual’s scheduling, in order to build confidence, competent implementation and full assistance by the same team and doctor throughout the whole process. Simply put, we are always there for you.
This corresponds to our understanding of the meaning of professionalism that our patents can expect.



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What is beauty?

In the course of the entire history of mankind, "Beauty" always played
an essential role: from ancient Greece where people voted for
the "most beautiful woman", all the way to today, where aesthetics
are the most important influence on fashion, design, jewelry etc. in
which a positive appearance perhaps more often is the key to success
- in the private and in the business - when you want to have it.

Aesthetics and beauty were always a guarantee to its own interests,
achievement of private successes and especially personal satisfaction.

What is aesthetik?

The modern western use of the word "Aesthetics" as we understand
it today underwent a slow transformation, as the German and British thinkers
emphasized on beauty as the key component of art, where art was to represent
the absolute beauty. In 1750, Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten introduced
aesthetics as a term for the "philosophical science of the sensuous knowledge"
– more generally grouped as the "Science of beauty". He understood aesthetics
as something that was a result of sensing experiences and that beauty is the most
perfect kind of knowledge of the sensing experiences. The sensation of beauty is a
subjective experience and it reflects the spirit of the times – hence the reason
behind the different perceptions of beauty throughout history. A perfect example
is Rubens and his love for voluptuous beauty vs. Twiggy’s image as beautiful
in the 60’s.


Aging has become a widely-discussed topic in fields of medicine,
social science and social networks. When there are numerous
possibilities to slow down the aging process and feel good about
our own looks, what options should we choose?

  • Botolinumtoxin or BOTOX is used to limit the muscles responsible
    for repetitive facial mimics, simultaneously minimizing the
    formation of wrinkles
  • A variety of fillers used to fill up the deeper wrinkles or creating
    a volume effect
  • Chemical peelings that refresh the skin by removing the upper lawyers
    of older skin, creating a more even tone and removing scars
  • Thread lifting which slightly lifts the sagging cheeks and lower mid-face
  • Surgical Face-lift

Voluminous and full breasts have always represented femininity and eroticism.
Today’s modern aesthetic surgery can provide such desired forms with low risks.
Such operations include:

  • Breast augmentation with Implants
  • Breast lifting
  • Breast reduction

Eyelid surgery reduces the bagginess from the lower area of the
eyes, and the excess skin from the upper lids that often make people
look tired or older. This type of surgery results in a more refreshed and
younger look. This surgery often also includes small area liposuction of the
fat which often accumulated under the eyes, creating the “puffiness” look.

Female genitals

More than often this area has irregularities due to growth differences or
caused after birth. Through liposuction or fat injections one can accomplish
a more desired look, or, in many cases, skin removal or reformation of the area
can be performed in order to achieve the desired results.


Full lips have always been perceived as sensual, feminine and youthful.
As we age, we often tend to lose the volume in our lips. In order to bring
volume back into the lips, or to create a fuller contour, one can choose:

  • One’s own fat injected into the lip area
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Permanent materials

Very often one cannot remove certain parts of fat areas, no matter how
much they exercise. In this case, Liposuction is the only method that will
bring desired results. This type of surgery can precisely focus on problem
areas and result in a satisfying contouring of the body.

On the other hand, there are many cases in which one has lost a lot of weight
or has a genetical predisposition of “hanging skin”. In such cases, a surgical
procedure that tightens the skin by removing the excess from the
abdominal area, arms or thighs can result in the desired look.

A curve is the smooth
connection between two points.

Mae West


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