Your optimal care is very important to us. We have set ourselves high level medical and aesthetic goals, with the best consultations that meet your goals and needs, and which will allow you to enable you to decide which procedure is the best for you, if any.

We offer the latest findings and knowledge based on international research and interdisciplinary exchange, along with a specialist competence.
During the surgery itself, a profesionally trained and friendly staff will assist you in your pre and post operative procedure. Experienced anasthesiologists and highly qualified specialists are performing the surgeries, with the latest medical instruments and supplies available.

Our philosophy focuses on the whole process, starting from the consulting period, through the process of surgery, to the post-op period, guaranteeing an individual, sensible and sensitive focus on each patient as a unique example. Each patient is treated with care, advised in order to build confidence through understanding ones expectations, individual planning, competent implementation and full assistance by the same team and doctor throught the whole process. We are always there for you.
This corresponds to our understanding of the meaning of professionalism which our customers can expect.